Harpers events

As a Company we believe it is important to invest in people and encourage them in their continuing professional development. This is why we run training and development workshops and seminars throughout the year for our customers.

We invite leading industry specialists to come along and present on a topic we feel is important to our customers.  Events are held throughout our catchment area of the South West and will always include some light refreshments too!

Some workshop events are held during the daytime on farms in the South West. These workshops start at 11.00am with refreshments. The format would normally be an introduction to the farm by the farmer, vet or Harpers feed specialist, followed by a presentation and practical workshop, then a look around the farm with final discussions over a light lunch.

We also run evening seminars which will include a presentation or discussion on a topic of interest followed by a buffet supper.

We would like our customers to join us in helping to develop people in the industry by hosting a meeting from time to time. Just after the dairy inspector has been tends to be a good time - it saves tidying up twice!

When we are running an event in an area we will send invitations to local farmers, but the meetings will also be published on the website, Facebook and Twitter and list in our bi-monthly newsletter.

It always helps if you can pre-book a place so we can make sure we have enough doughnuts and pasties!

 To keep the meetings to a manageable size where people can interact and learn in the best environment, if a particular meeting is oversubscribed then we will run it over two days.

We are always open to suggestions so if you have an idea for an event please do discuss with your Feed Specialist or drop us an email to harpers@harpersfeeds.co.uk and we will see what we can do!

Bruce Forshaw

Ruminant Nutritionist