Covid19 Statement

The developing situation with COVID-19 and the possible spread of the virus over the next few months has lead Harpers Feeds’ to prioritize as follows:

1.Protect our staff and customers and take all necessary actions that help reduce the spread of the virus.

2.Our second priority is to minimise disruption to our business and your business during this period.

In trying to achieve the above objectives I would ask for your help, co-operation and input.

We are highlighting to all staff the need to practice hygiene guidelines as set out by health authorities and by the company, regular washing of hands and observing good protocols when sneezing or coughing.

Our sales representatives will only be visiting farms where an appointment has been made over the phone prior to the visit. Our representatives will respect you the customer’s individual needs or wishes.

If they do visit your farm, they will be carrying with them anti-bacterial hand sanitisers and wipes. We are also advising sales representatives who are currently calling to customers to limit the distance of contact to one metre and avoid unnecessary contact and calls. We are also advising against unnecessary business or social gatherings.

We request that you consider the frequency of order planning so we may reduce the number of deliveries and to limit the risk of exposure for you and delivery personnel who may have called to multiple outlets.

When receiving a delivery, we request that you maintain the recommended distance from the delivery staff. If the delivery staff require the use of your machinery to assist with unloading, they will ensure best hygiene practices are observed and we kindly ask if you can do the same.

Finally we hope that many of the actions above are not necessary but we would like to thank you for your co-operation during this challenging period.

Issued 12th March 2020