Well done Abi Marshall and team...

Three young dairy enthusiasts Abi Marshall, Emily Davis and Becky Walters team members of 'Jersey Dreams' competed at the National Young Show Stars in Malvern against 5 other strong teams with two Jersey heifers, they had different tasks involving creating a promotion stand, stock judging, clipping and presentation, ring craft and etiquette and one member; Becky Walters had an interview. They got marked on tidiness of working area, presentation of handlers, animal safety, ability and confidence while working with the heifers, knowledge on the reasons for clipping and overall presentation technique and finish. The girls really worked as a team and had many positive comments about their clipping skills , presentation of the promotion stand and overall teamwork, all three girls worked incredibly hard having lots of fun and laughter along the way! All points from each task they had competed was added up together and it all came down to the amount of points they had gained, gaining points they went onto win the dairy section meaning that they also won a once in a lifetime all expenses paid trip to the Royal Winter Fair in Toronto, Canada to show out there for a week in November which will be an amazing experience and opportunity for the girls.




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