Keep cows milk quality high this spring

We have been looking closely at our tried and tested FiMLAC grazing range to help ensure cows are able to produce high yields, of high quality milk, while out at grass.


feeds in the range are based on a blend of raw materials that are low in Microbial Protein Nitrogen(MPN), while also being high in Microbial Protein Energy (MPE). This reverse ratio complements the grazed grass perfectly, to promote an efficient rumen and maximise the contribution from forage.

We have been looking at a a new magnesium rumen buffer called pHix-Up which we believe will bring significant benefits in the grazing season, and which is backed by sound research. We have been carrying out farm trials which support the research findings.

They compared pHix-Up with good old faithful bicarb and a widely available rumen buffer looking at the impact they had on rumen pH over a six hour period. pHix-up kept rumen pH higher for longer than the other products, meaning that digestion will have been enhanced, improving the use of the diet.

Our own trial work supports this with farmers reporting a lift in milk production and also a rise in butterfat which will improve milk income.


We will be looking to include pHix-Up in our FiMLAC range, as it will be an on-farm solution to the annual slide in constituents while feeding fizzy green grass.

Being a blend of magnesium sources, pHix-Up will also give complete coverage to reduce the risk of grass staggers, while also dramatically reducing the incidence of scour commonly seen when feeding high levels of calcined Magnesite. Our Feed Specialists will only be too happy to help you with a complete mineral profile; benefitting the animals whilst out grazing.

In addition, to ensure efficient protein digestion in the rumen we will continue to add Novatan to the FiMLAC range as it has proved to be an excellent solution to the protein oversupplied in forages. Novatan increases MPE while reducing MPN. It better utilises the protein, leading to improved body condition retention. If the cow doesn’t lose weight the additional energy can be put into milk yield.

Speak to your Feed Specialist on how we can help keep your herd milking quality constituents!