A Game of Two Halves

Second Cut, three weeks growthAfter one of the wettest winters on record who would have bet that we would be in need of rain after the driest April on record and a very dry May? The impact on grassland productivity has been significant so you need to monitor performance and be prepared to take action... more

Don't cut Corners with Calves

Feeding CalvesWith the current climate surrounding milk prices, many farmers are considering whether to feed calves whole milk rather than milk powder to reduce costs. Think carefully before changing from one to the other as this can be a false economy... more

Make Best use of Cereals this Year

silage_clamp.jpgCereal crops can provide flexibility to help ensure sufficient high quality feed for the winter. They can either be taken as wholecrop to increase forage production, or could be crimped to provide a quality, rumen-friendly energy source to replace purchased feeds while also producing straw...more