The lambing season is in full swing so now is the time to make sure your lambs are off to the best possible start with good intake and growth rates being key from a creep feed pellet concentrate.

Lambing is a critical time on all sheep farms, having a direct impact on profitability. The maximum number of lambs that can possibly be reared in any year is determined by the scanning percentage.

From that point on, management is all about maximising the number of these potential lambs that are finished and leave the farm, and feeding is a vital and possibly most important pinch-point along the way, so a good quality starter pellet when creep feeding early lambs absolutely crucial.


Firstly, get the ewes milking well with good quality colostrum to help deliver healthy and active lambs with an adequate milk supply to meet their nutritional needs.

Supplementing lambs correctly helps deliver faster growing lambs with better fat cover while balancing the nutrients in forage. Lamb Start to Finish Pellets helps deliver exceptional growth rates from healthy lambs, maximising feed conversion ratio (kgs of concentrate to kgs of Daily live weight gain (DLWG).


Our flagship pellet contains balanced energy and protein sources to promote continued high growth rates and a quality carcase helping lambs finish early and grade well.

Introduce Lamb Start to Finish Pellets at two weeks of age, ad lib to allow lambs to return to feeders throughout the day. You will find lambs take to LSFP due to its exceptionally high palatability. Selplex is included into the ration to encourage early lamb vigour.

Working with customers throughout the South West who fed Lamb Start to Finish Pellets we have seen lambs meet marketable weight by 12-16 weeks. Grade well at abattoir in terms of confirmation and fat coverage.

Taking the time to make sure your lambs have all the nutritional requirements they need ahead of market will maximise your returns from this years lamb crop.

For more information on our lamb feeds, speak to you Feed Specialist.