It won’t be long before we start to see herds turning out to grazing again, so now is a good time to make sure you are in the best place to make the most of this good quality, cheap feed.

To make the most of grazing, consider the following factors affecting turnout performance;

  •  A soil analysis will show the fertility of the soil which is a major factor affecting grazing performance. This ensures the fields get what they need to deliver good performance, and you can also avoid putting more fertiliser on than you need.
  • Be ready to go with your fertiliser, and have it delivered in good time.
  • Boluses, long acting wormers and vaccines are all critical tools to keep animals healthy and productive.                                                Cydectin.png                     flectron.png
  • Get grazing taken down hard enough to encourage vigorous re-growth.
  • Balance the diet at grass to sure your herd have the correct nutrient balance. Speak to your Feed Specialist to get your grazing grass analysed.
  • Taking a water sample will let you know what nutrient imbalances there may be on your farm.
  • Infrastructure-Are the fences in good condition? Will cows be able to get out to fields easily on good tracks and with adequate gateways? Do you have enough water troughs to ensure cows can always get enough to drink?                                                                  electric_fencing.png                      stakes.png
  •    water_trough.png                      tornado_wire.png   

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