Increasing milk quality at grass will have a big impact for constituent based contracts.

The Milk Quality Blueprint is a focused approach which addresses the nutritional factors affecting milk constituent production at grass. It will help farmers precisely meet the terms of milk processing contracts.


Many herds lose potential milk income when cows go to grass due to falls in milk constituents; With more detailed information and forward planning, coupled with more precisely formulated diets, our blueprint approach can improve milk quality in the spring, providing a welcome boost to incomes.

The blueprint, is available to all dairy farmers, is based around two initial farm visits and involves an in-depth assessment of all the nutritional factors affecting milk composition. Armed with this information a nutritional approach is recommended which will get cows producing good quality milk from grass, buffer fed forages and concentrates.


To optimise rumen performance, we will be assessing diets using the NutriOpt Dairy model which allows cows to be fed with greater precision with better focus on rumen stability and general animal health.

Using research from Professor Dr Adam Lock at Michigan State University we can reduce the negative effect of certain free oils in the rumen.

The metabolic base ratio is a measurement of the ratio of potassium and sodium. If the ratio is too high with too much potassium the rumen will not function properly. This ratio is one of the key limiting factors in rumination alongside fibre and pH so it must be managed.

To help ensure you get the most from you herd at grass, speak to your Feed Specialist to complete a Milk Quality Blueprint.