Dairy Feed

Harpers have the unique ability to produce coarse-grind compounds.

All cereals are rolled, giving a larger particle size which releases nutrients slowly in the rumen, enhancing performance and aiding in the reduction of health issues such as acidosis.

Our diets encourage high performance in terms of milk yield and quality, whilst helping to enhance health status.

With a range of energy, fibre and cereal-based diets, we have a ration to suit every need.  However, as each farm is individual we also have the on-farm expertise and mill capability to build you a bespoke diet specifically for your cows' requirements.

You can also rely on our diets to remain fixed formulation for contract periods, giving you confidence that our products will perform consistently throughout each season.

High Fibre Range

Description Protein level
Olympic Gold A sugar beet based high fibre nut, this range includes high levels of DUP that supplement microbial protein from the rumen and increases milk yield and quality. Also contains protected fat, maize grain and Amino Max. 14% - 20%

Our most popular high fibre nut is sugar beet based and is a really cow friendly product enabling optimisation of the rumen resulting in the best possible milk quality and yield. 

Buttermax 18% is available in 25kg bags as a stock item.  

14% - 24%

This is a high quality high fibre based nut with 10% sugar beet, at a competitive price. Available from 15% to 24% protein allowing you to stay on the same cake whatever the season.      

15% - 24%
West Country This is a high fibre nut ideally suited to grazing rations and as a compliment to high starch TMRs. 14% - 25%
HDF Our HDF range has been formulated to promote butterfat production whilst cows are at grass. Low in oil, this high fibre concentrate is suitable for all grazing systems. 16% - 18%


The lowest protein and reverse-ratio feed to minimise the excess MPN found in grazing. The ideal parlour nut for intense paddock systems.
A low and reverse-ratio protein feed, ideal with predominant grazing situations with  or without small amounts of buffer feed.
The reverse-ratio protein nut, perfect for feeding alongside grass and cereal silage buffer feeding systems.
This product can be used in lower protein situations where the MPE and MPN are balanced.

High Starch Range

Description Protein level
Mega Milk Cereal and Hi Pro soya-based dairy nut with protected soya and fat, delivering a good balance of DUP, supplementing the microbial protein for the rumen and increasing yield. Mega Milk also contains maize grain, maize distillers and megalac. 14% - 20%
Fertility Plus This is designed to improve the heat detection rate and pregnancy rate by use of quality ingredients and the inclusion of protected fat at 1.25%, thereby supplying extra energy right when the cow needs it. 15% - 25%
Max Pro This contains wheat, barley (mostly rumen degradable) and cracked maize, which is a good source of bypass starch proven to increase milk yield and milk protein.  Also contains a good level of soya and sugar beet. Available from 16% to 24% protein allowing you to stay on the same base cake whatever the season. 16% - 24%
Ultra Lac This is a cereal based high-starch nut well suited to grass based TMR systems with feed to yield top up in parlour or out of parlour feeders. 15% - 24%
Devonian/ Kernow This ration is high in maize grain and other rumen friendly starch sources ideal for producing high milk yield with good milk protein content.  16% - 18%
Reaper A Starch based cake which is ideal for balancing good forages. Cost effective. 18% - 21%

Our dairy feeds are available in Bulk and 500kg tote bags.

Our Feed Specialists are available to provide advice on how to improve farm efficiency and obtain higher yields and, therefore, increased profitability.  With such tight margins these days, making small changes can have significant results.  We aim to support our customers by providing an all-round service not just supplying feed!

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