Product Description
Agron Unique range of skin and hoof care products.
Bi– Carb Dietary buffer.  Available in 25kg bags.
Feed Grade Urea Provides a good source of EDRP.  Available in 25kg bags.
High C16 Fat Butterfat Xtra and Bergerfat are both stock items.  Available in 25kg bags.
Limestone Flour Supplementary source of Calcium.  Available in 25kg bags.
Linseed Pellets High in energy and aids coat condition.  Available in 20kg bags.
Locust Bean Improves palatability.  Available in 25kg bags.
Mag Chloride Flakes Soluble form of Magnesium.  Available is 25kg bags.
Maize Seed Ambition, Acumen
Oyster Shell Calcium supplement for strong shells.  Available is 25kg bags.
Prairie Meal

Rich in protein and energy.  Available in 25kg bags.

Protected Fat (Calcium Soaps) Mega Lac and Nutrilac are both stock items.  Available in 25kg bags.
Rock Salt Natural source of Salt.  Available in 25kg bags.
Stalosan Cubicle bedding disinfectant.
Yeasts Please contact one of our Specialists for more information.


SUPAlyx Description
Super Energy Plus with Fish Oil A combination feed and mineral supplement. Formulated with 16MJ/kg extra-high level of rumen by-pass energy and natural protein, it is suitable for all cattle, ewes and lambs.  Use at bulling time, tupping time, pre and post-calving or lambing for excellent results.
High Energy & Protein A feed and mineral supplement ideal for use at grass and with high forage rations where extra energy and protein are both required.
Cattle Booster A cattle feed and mineral supplement developed for use at grass and with high forage rations where extra energy and protein are both required.
Sheep A highly molassed mineral-vitamin lick, for in-lamb ewes and lambs at grass or on high forage systems.  Fully supplemented and includes protected zinc and hih levels of vitamin E.
Cattle A highly molassed mineral-vitamin lick for all cattle on forage systems. Rich in trace elements, including protected zinc and copper for improved health, fertility and growth.

Provides extra palatable magnesium for breeding and lactating cattle and sheep at risk from staggers during the spring and autumn grass flush. Not suitable for feeding pre-lambing or to lambs.

LIFELINE  Description
Lamb and Ewe

Introduce Lifeline 6 weeks before lambing at grass or to housed ewes in addition to the standard feeding programme. 

Product may also be used as part of the post lambing feeding programme.

Recommended for all in-lamb ewes particularly young ewes and ewe lambs, giving the lamb a head start 6 weeks before it is born.

Pre Calver

Recommended for both dairy/suckler cows and in-calf heifers.  Ideal for feeding at grass, with limited grazing plus straw or for housed dry cows/heifers on high forage diets, giving the calf a head start weeks before it is born.

All buckets are available in 22.5kg.