Mixes & Straights


Harpers Feeds policy in selecting ingredients is to only use ingredients that are reliable, consistent and each contributing fully to the high nutritional specification required. We use no fillers or binders in any of our diets.


Wheat, Barley, Oats, Wheatfeed, Oatfeed and Maize Grain.


Soyabean Meal, Rape Meal Extraction, Sunflower Pellets, Prairie Meal, U.S Maize Distillers, Full Fat Soya, Sopralin.

Other Energy Ingredients

Sugar Beet Pellets, Citrus Pulp, Maize Gluten, Palm Kernal, Soya Hulls, Molasses.


Limestone Flour (Calcium), Calcined Magnesite, Di Calcium phosphate, Salt (Pure Vacuum Dried), Dairy Minerals, Beef/Calf Minerals, Tamar Minerals, Ewe Minerals, Intensive Lamb Minerals, Game, Poultry & Pig Minerals (www.vitfoss.com).

Customised Mixes

Harpers Feeds are able to offer customised mixes on request to suit each individuals’ requirements, these mixes can be mineralised, molassed or dry. Prices are available on a delivered basis or ex mill and can be contracted through a period if desired. We are able to create mixes to suit your farm needs, which can be altered during the season if conditions change e.g. silage, grazing conditions etc.

Harpers Standard Mixes

Harpers Feeds also offers a variety of standard mixes to cover all basic requirements. Throughout the summer months Summer Buffer mixes are available, these range from 11% to 20% protein. The Winter Mix range is available over the winter period ranging form 18% to 40% proteins. Both of these ranges contain a variety of raw materials from Hi Pro Soya to Citrus. We also offer the Elite Mixes, this is our newest range and is proving to be popular as they have slightly higher oil content, these range from 18% to 28% protein. All of these mixes can be molassed or dry and can have minerals added if required.

The benefits of feeding mixes include:

  • Fourteen straights to choose from, including rolled wheat and cracked maize
  • Option to add minerals/fats/yeast for better dispersion and a financial saving
  • Greater precision with mixing/less risk of human error
  • Improved cash flow (buy monthly requirements that are paid for now, not big loads of straights that last months)
  • Precise feeding for accurate results
  • One product, one bin (cost effective against multiple bins or bunkers where up to 7% losses can be seen)
  • Ability to have compounds and mix on the same lorry, ensuring full load discounts
  • Tailor made to suit your farm


Harpers Feeds is able to offer customers raw materials which can be delivered direct from the docks to the farm depending on load size. These include

  • Hi Pro Soya (Argentinian is available if required)
  • Rapeseed Meal Extracts 
  • Maize Gluten
  • Sugar Beet (Imported or British)
  • Citrus Pulp
  • Soya Hull Pellets 
  • Maize / Wheat Distillers
  • and many more

Products can be layered on the lorry or kept separate using the lorry compartments.

As many customers will know the raw material markets can be very volatile, we offer customers the chance to contract for spot and forward periods enabling customers to buy at the most optimum time.


For those of you who like to add your own molasses, Harpers Feeds is able to supply a wide range of Molasses and Molasses blends delivered direct from our supplier ED &F MAN. Molasses is extracted from raw sugar, it is one of the most economical and palatable sources of fermentable energy, making it a valuable ingredient in dairy, beef and sheep rations. Molasses can be delivered in bulk or in mini bulk containers (IBC’s). Bulk molasses tank are also available from ED & F MAN, in a range of sizes.

If you require any more information on the products above please contact the office or contact one of our Feed Specialists who will be able to help.