Calf Feed

Product Protein Feeding Age

Top Calf Mix

This diet features a range of quality proteins essential for growth:  rolled barley, micronised maize and molasses for sustained energy release, linseed pellets for palatability.

The key to this diets success has been the level of intake and rate of digestion promoting healthy development of the rumen. 

A coarse mix containing flaked peas, maize, locus bean, linseed and much more.

18% 0-3 months

Calf Starter Pellets + Bio-mos

This is a very palatable starter pellet for baby calves, high in energy with quality proteins for fast efficient growth.

18% 0-3 months

Calf Performer Nuts

All the benefit of Top Calf in a nut! This is a coarse-ground cubed diet which includes the cooked ingredients which are the integral base of the Top Calf Mix.

Produced in a 6mm nut, it is suitable for calves from day one.

As the diet is coarse ground this helps to stimulate rumen development as the large particle size encourages the calf to salivate more when eating.  This helps to buffer acidity in the gut and continues by creating a diet which is balanced and breaks down slowly.  This means the calf will become an efficient ruminant far more quickly and therefore superior growth rates are achieved.

All the above feeds can be fed ad lib to calves 0-3 months.

All our calf feeds are available in Bulk, 500kg tote bags or convenient 25kg bags.

18% 0-3 months

18% Calf Rearing Molassed Mix

18% Calf Rearing Molassed Mix is a traditional rearing mix to be fed as a follow-on from the Calf Starter Pellets + Bio-mos. Fed from 3-4 months of age with hay or straw as a base ration.

18% 3-4 months


Deccox® (decoquinate) is a powerful, safe anticoccidial for calves that works directly in the small intestine, where it effectively halts the development of the two most economically significant coccidia in cattle.

Even when clinical signs of coccidiosis are not detected, Deccox has demonstrated improved performance in beef and dairy young-stock.

Studies show that heifer calves fed Deccox eat more feed, gain more weight and have less sickness.

Deccox requires a prescription from your vet.

Minimum order of 1 tonne for coarse mixes and 2 tonnes for compounds.

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Calf Milk Powder

Product Protein Oil Fibre Ash

Calfpride Glow Milk Replacer including Bio-mos

Made using British milk, this high energy concentrated milk protein is suitable for all calf rearing systems, including cold milk as the acidifcation should allow the milk to stay fresh for up to 48 hours in clean, cool conditions.

Glow is ideal for once a day feeding.

22% 17% 0.1% 7.5%

Calf Gold Milk Powder Replacer

Also made from British milk, this milk replacer is based on the most digestible milk proteins, CMP together with vegetable proteins and oils.

Gold is designed to help the modern beef and more traditional dairy units to achieve maximum performance.  This makes it of particular interest to the specialist beef calf rearer.

Please contact us if you would like more detailed information.

20% 20% 0.1% 8%

Milkivit Rearing

A British skim milk based replacer.

Milkivit Rearing is ideal for bucket and most machine feeding systems and is formulated for maximum digestibility.

23% 17%
Calf Gold Instant
Calf Glow

Harpers only buy British Milk powder