Planet Range

Planet Dairy represents a major development to help dairy farmers move towards lower carbon milk production

Planet Dairy is the first range of dairy compounds and blends formulated to specifically exclude any soya and palm products; the ingredients most closely linked to environmental concerns


Blends and bespoke rations are available in the Planet range, subject to ingredient approval. Please speak to your Feed Specialist for more information.

Planet 13% Dairy Nuts

13 % Protein 3.96 oil

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Bulk | 25kg Bags


Planet 15% Dairy Nuts

15 % Protein 3.94 oil

Stocked In

Bulk | 25kg Bags


Planet 17% Dairy Nuts

17 % Protein 3.22 oil

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Bulk | 25kg Bags


Planet 19% Dairy Nuts

19 % Protein 3.16 oil

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Bulk | 25kg Bags


Planet 21% Dairy Nuts

21 % Protein 3.41 oil

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Bulk | 25kg Bags


Planet 23% Dairy Nuts

23 % Protein 3.83 oil

Stocked In

Bulk | 25kg Bags


We will manage our environmental commitment through our environmental management system, adhering to ISO14001, and by making the people who work for us aware of their impacts and responsibilities.

What is Planet Dairy?

Planet dairy compounds and blends are a comprehensive range of dairy feeds created to help reduce the carbon cost of dairy farming, working at two levels.

Planet Dairy – friendly ingredients

We have removed the ingredients most closely associated with high carbon on dairy farms and with the highest environmental consequences

No soya products

No palm oil products or derivatives

We have replaced them with high quality, domestically produced ingredients wherever possible, ingredients that all dairy farmers will be familiar with

                            Rapeseed                Sugar beet              Field beans               Wheat feed

We have trialled the feeds and all formulations have been developed to deliver high quality feeds for high producing herds but with less environmental impact and lower food miles.

Planet Dairy – delivering feed efficiency
Its not just about changing ingredients, it’s about making sure cows are fed efficiently to help reduce the carbon cost per litre and feed waste

All Planet Dairy feeds contain Novatan a blend of essential oils to maximise protein utilisation and reduce waste

All Planet Dairy feeds contain our FiMLAC mineral premix to help keep cows healthy, fertile and efficient and with strong immune systems

But we know all herds are different with different performance objectives challenges. So we are able to add a range of additives and additional ingredients to help keep your herd on track, including

  • Yeasts rumen enhancers
  • Biotin Vitamin
  • Rumen inert fats
  • Magnesium Mineral
  • Pathogen Binders
  • pH Neutralizer/ Rumen Buffer
  • Mycotoxin Binders
  • Selenium Mineral
  • Iodine Mineral
  • Why have we developed the Planet Dairy range?
    • As a feed manufacturer, we have always been focussed on reducing our own carbon footprint across all aspects of our business
    • The farming industry has to move towards zero carbon by 2040 and we believe we must work to help our customers achieve this
    • There is increased consumer pressure to reduce the use of specific ingredients
    • Some processors are already requiring farmers to specifically remove soya and palm products from their systems and more will follow
    • We developed the range so our customers are able to respond to the requirements of their customers and work towards net zero

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