Horse Feeds

All of our horse mixes are manufactured with a light coating of Mol-Glo, a blend of molasses and soya oil which increases palatability and improves texture.

Our horse feeds contain a balanced vitamin and mineral profile to support your horse’s needs with extra biotin to ensure healthy hooves.

Yeast is also included to aid digestibility and reduce lactic acid accumulation, maintaining the correct pH of the hind gut.

Prohibited Substances in Competition
Most medicines and drugs are prohibited if detected in a horse at the time of competition. Information regarding this matter can be obtained from the FEI and the Horseracing Regulatory Authority.


Horse & Pony Nuts

Formulated with a high digestible fibre content. Perfect for achieving the ‘slow burn’ effect for animals inclined to get excitable.

Protein 11% Suitable for: Rest
Light Work

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20kg Bags

Country Cool Mix

Great all-round diet. Contains cooked cereals with a slightly higher energy and sugar content than Horse and Pony Nuts.

Protein 11% Suitable for: Light to Medium Work
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20kg Bags

Conditioning Mix

Contains a high concentration of cooked cereals and linseed to improve coat condition and shine. Ideal for adding top line ready for showing.

Protein 12% Suitable for: Improving Condition, Showing

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20kg Bags

Performance & Stud Mix

A high energy blend to provide optimum micronutrients. Contains all essential vitamins and minerals with added limestone flour for healthy hoof and skeletal formation and maintenance.

Protein 15% Suitable for:Show
Stud, Hard Work

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20kg Bags

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