Dry Cow Feeds


Our diets are all course ground, giving a larger particle size which releases nutrients slowly in the rumen, enhancing performance and reducing the risk of acidosis.

With a range of starch, fibre and grazing diets, we have a ration to suit your every need. To support your individual requirements we are also able to create you a bespoke diet.



Pre-Calver Nuts/Rolls

High energy diet. Contains a high mineral specification to help reduce the risk of milk fever and retained cleansings.
Promotes a healthy rumen for the next lactation.

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Bulk | 500kg Bags | 25kg Bags



MF Eliminator Nuts/Rolls/Mol Mix

Contains X-Zelit and is nutritionally balanced.
To be supplemented 2 weeks prior to calving and fed through to the point of calving.

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25kg Bags | 20kg Mix


X-Zelit Farm Pack

Straight X-Zelit.
To be fed at 500g/cow/day.
Feed 14 days prior to calving for the best outcomes.

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15kg Bags


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