Harpers pig feeds are formulated from high quality, traditional ingredients to produce prolific sows with good milk yields and fast growing, healthy pigs.

Precise formulations ensure our products contain optimum levels of energy, protein, minerals, and vitamins to allow your stock to perform to their potential. All our pig feeds contain additional supplies of the essential amino acids lysine and methionine which are vital for lean tissue production and top quality carcase.




Sow Nuts/Rolls

Formulated with straightforward, quality raw materials. Formulated for the sow to maintain condition through lactation and to maximise milk production. Protein 16%

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Sow & Weaner Pellets

Ideal for feeding sows throughout their breeding cycle. Particularly suitable for native breeds and crosses. Can be fed as a maintenance diet at reduced levels. Protein 16%

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Pig Grower Pellets

Formulated to meet requirements of young growing pigs. Good levels of cereal and soya to achieve high performance and economical growth. Protein 20%

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Pig Finisher Nuts

High cereal diet with quality protein.
Produces lean tissue growth with top grades. Suitable for showing pigs.

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