This issue being you news of our New Planet range of dairy feeds, Bill's thoughts on marketing quality produced beef and why our Lamb creep range hits the mark for customers. 

Planet Dairy

We are delighted to announce a first for the UK dairy industry with the launch of the Planet range. The first dairy compounds and blends which specifically exclude soya and palm products, the ingredients widely acknowledged as having the highest environmental impact... read more

Beef Marketing

Each of our major supermarkets is engaged in a cost cutting war, with the processors and producers of a large variety of products coming under pressure to reduce prices. We have seen this effect locally when Kensey Foods, a large pudding maker in Launceston closed its doors citing impossible margins as their reason for closure... read more

Finishing store Lambs

The lamb market has been on a roller-coater for the last few weeks. Heavy lambs are fetching high prices one week, and them being penalised the next. But one thing that we can be certain of is that better covered lambs are selling the best in the finished market... read more


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