Introducing Bokashi


As many of our farmers will agree, being environmentally friendly and carbon-efficient is at the forefront of many business’s minds at the moment as the problem with climate change continues to rise. At Harpers Feeds, we are quick to react to the demands of customers, processors, and industry changes, meaning we are delighted to be introducing this new product from Agriton UK.

Why is becoming carbon-efficient so important for the agricultural industry?


There is huge pressure on the farming industry to look at ways of reducing carbon footprints. According to research carried out by the National Farmers Union, UK farms currently amount to around 10% of UK greenhouse gas emissions which is why they have announced their ambition to be net zero for agriculture by 2040.

The background of Agriton and founding of Bokashi


The Agriton Group UK was founded 25 years ago with the aim of ‘working together for a sustainable future’. The company manufacture and supply a wide range of products which focus on being environmentally friendly. Working throughout the sectors of Agriculture, Horticulture and Home&Garden, the Agriton Group promote products and practices which both reduce the need for environmentally damaging alternatives.

Through their journey to create environmentally friendly alternatives, Agriton have founded a process called Bokashi which, in Japanese, translates to “well fermented organic matter”.

What is Bokashi?


Bokashi is a refined process which makes use of Effective Microorganisms (EMs). The microorganisms work by way of “competitive exclusion” which creates an environment in which these microbes can thrive. Choosing this fermentative method of decomposition, ensures more carbon and energy are captured and returned back to the soil compared to other methods of decomposition.  Alongside largely improving the health of the soil, this process has 5 main benefits:

  • Reduces harmful emissions.
  • Ready to use in 8 weeks.
  • Retains nutrients.
  • Pre-digested food for the soil.
  • Increased soil organic matter.

Why is the Bokashi process better than traditional composting?

Traditional ways of composting use a process called Aerobic Decomposition, or hot composting. Aerobic decomposition works by way of producing heat and Carbon Dioxide which produces a significant Carbon Footprint and, as a result, reduces to nutritional value of the soil.

Agriton UK have been working for a number of years to create a process for composting which uses Anaerobic Decomposition, or fermentation, which does not require the presence of oxygen. This, therefore, produces no Carbon Dioxide or heat, which as a result, means no Carbon Footprint is created. Alongside the benefit of no Carbon Foot Printing, this process also results in more nutrients being kept within the soil during the fermentation process.


Harpers Feeds and Agriton

We are very pleased to be a stockist of this new product by Agriton and our feed representatives are working very hard to promote this product to the customers we think would highly benefit from having Bokashi on their farms.

More information

If you have any questions about this product or are interested in having a ‘fertiliser factory’ on your farm, please call your feed representative or, call Customer Services on 01409 254300. You can also find information about this product on our social medias which are linked at the top of our website.

Alternatively, if you would like Bokashi on a smaller scale, Harpers Farm Supplies have Home&Garden kits instore, so head on over to take a look!